Monday, November 08, 2010

So, I've never been good at juggling

The top of this blog says that it's about my struggle to juggle school, writing and my private life.  Well, apparently that hasn't been going so well.  It's now nearly mid-November, and we have made little progress on the book.  I wasn't really expecting to make much progress, but there it is.  School has been brutal.  I've been taking one class that is notorious for having the highest workload of any of the classes here.  Moreover, it's been an adjustment to get used to classes, research, grant writing, etc.  At the beginning of the semester I tried to set aside time to work on research for the book, but that quickly fell off.  Michelle's been having the same issues.  Amazingly she's actually written a fantastic chapter this semester, but I don't really expect more from her until the summer, really. 

I am excited, though, because last night Michelle & I spoke on the phone briefly about the series and we figured out where it's all headed.  There's been a major conflict between two of our goals for these books, and neither of us could figure out how to resolve them in the end.  It's amazing how we can think about things on our own for weeks, but we talk together for 30 minutes, and we know exactly how everything is going to end.  This has made me very excited.

At low points in graduate school, I think "What have I done to myself?"  Although, then I think about my life as a lawyer and I realize that there really was nothing I could have done differently.  I had to move into a different field.  The practice of law was crushing my soul.  Then that gets me down because I feel bad for feeling bad about school.  Right now my workload has calmed down some, so I'm feeling positive about school, but last month was pretty overwhelming.  The book is the thing that gets me through all of this.  It helps knowing that I have something else going on in my life & that my eggs aren't all in one basket.  I just can't wait until we have it finished so we can work on finding an agent.  I am so positive about this endeavor because I really think that Michelle & I are on to something with this book.  All I know is that I've been thinking about the series for 4 months now, and I'm even more excited about it than the first day we started talking about it.  Plus, every time I get new pages from Michelle, I am blown away.  It's nice having a friend who's so eloquent.